October 2011

The School's student leaders

Chris Lam and Ed Langley

If love of the School is a pre-requisite, then it is little wonder that Ed Langley and Chris Lam have been voted Captain and Vice-Captain, respectively. The two will lead the student body in 2012 and are unabashedly glowing with praise for the School.

"It's just got such a broad range of opportunities and amazing support in all facets; it really is an amazing place to spend your teenage years,” says Ed (or Eddo to most).

Both Ed (pictured above, right) and Chris (left) were elected following endorsements from the student body and members of the staff.

“I absolutely love MGS and all the opportunities that it has given me so far. Without this school, my life would be very different,” says Chris Lam.

With their predecessors, Nick Langford and Nick Churkovich, currently sitting their VCE exams, both Ed and Chris offer nothing but praise for the 2011 leaders. But plans are already afoot for the 2012 prefect body to leave their mark on the School.

“One of the things I'm really keen on is a better relationship with other schools. I think there are really great potential benefits when you get involved with schools such as Scotch, Xavier, Lauriston and MGGS (just to name a few),” says Ed.

“I think that what the Year 11s did with the Run for Patty Garshagen shows how supportive the MGS community is and hopefully we can run similar fundraisers like that next year,” says Chris.



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