Recognising the School in your Will

We deeply appreciate your interest in naming Melbourne Grammar School in your Will. Including the School in your Will ensures your generosity has a lasting impact, without affecting your financial circumstances today.

Planning in this way allows you to make a strategic charitable donation that will have a much greater impact than you might expect.

A gift to the School through a Will, known as a bequest, provides you with the opportunity of having an intergenerational impact on the School once your needs and those of your loved ones have been met.

You can choose to support a specific philanthropic pillar or programme of the School. For example, you can specify that your gift be used to establish a scholarship in perpetuity.

Alternatively, you can direct your gift towards general purposes, meaning that it will be directed to the most crucial area of need within the School at the time.

Benefactors who have remembered the School in their Will are invited to join the Witherby Tower Society, a group of like-minded community members who wish to support the School and our endeavours in this special way.

However you choose to designate your bequest, every gift in every Will is treasured. Your generosity leaves a lasting legacy and makes an enduring difference to the School’s capacity to support the aspirations of each and every student.

How to create your bequest

It is simple to include a gift to Melbourne Grammar School in your Will by completing a Codicil form and having it witnessed by two people. The signed Codicil form is then retained with your Will.

Funds are usually bequeathed as either:

  • a portion or a percentage of your estate

  • a specific dollar amount

  • a residual amount

Some members of the School community bequeath property or culturally significant items to the School. These are best discussed with the School prior to finalising your Will. (If you wish to direct your gift to a specific area or for a specific purpose, please contact us for detailed bequest language.)

Informing the School of your intentions

It is helpful to us if you advise us of your intention to recognise the School in your Will. This enables us to thank you, keep you updated on the most current developments at the School, and to help the School plan for the future.

Please let us know about your bequest by completing a Bequest Gift form. This form can be modified in the future if your circumstances change.

Once you have finalised your bequest, we will invite you to join the Witherby Tower Society.

If you have any questions about creating your bequest, please contact us.