Towards 2030

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Towards 2030 sets out Melbourne Grammar School’s strategic intentions.

Students lie at the heart of all we do at Melbourne Grammar. We will continue to have a firm focus on developing the ‘whole’ child who is inspired by, and lives, our values. By providing them with an exceptional education, we want our students to have the confidence and capacity to thrive in the world beyond the School gates, living a life underpinned by meaning and purpose, and having a positive impact on the world around them.

We believe Towards 2030 is a confident response to the changing nature of the world around us and it builds on the essence of Melbourne Grammar: the pursuit of excellence in all its forms. As worthwhile opportunities and new challenges arise, Towards 2030 will also provide us with a reference point to guide our ongoing decision making and planning.

Towards 2030 affirms our mission, vision and values and defines our future priorities.

The priorities are:

A holistic education

We will educate and nurture the whole person, fostering each student’s intellectual, spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional growth.

Exceptional staff

We will offer an environment that attracts, supports and retains excellent staff and where staff are motivated by our aspirations and aligned with our values. We will be committed to their professional development and wellbeing.

An engaged school community

We will build and sustain a School community of positive and enduring relationships in which people embrace our values.

Embrace the wider world

We will ensure a Melbourne Grammar School education prepares students to take their place in the world with confidence.

Sustain quality & accessibility

In the face of rising costs, economic and other uncertainties, we will support initiatives that ensure delivery of the highest quality education, always ensuring that our School has the capacity to sustain diverse and inclusive student and staff cohorts. We will ensure we have sustainable social, environmental, and financial practices in place.

As part of this latter priority, and with the support of the School community, we hope to embark on four major building projects that support our aspirations and help us to continue to prepare students for the world beyond the School gates.

Our initial focus will be on creating a Centre for Humanities on the South Yarra campus, and a new building for Lower Primary students at Grimwade House. Later, we hope to redevelop the Strickland Physical Education Centre, and construct an underground black box theatre adjacent to The Old Melburnians War Memorial Hall and the Shelmerdine Studio thereby extending our current performing arts precinct. 

We look forward to working with members of the School community to realise our aspirations now, and in the future.

Andrew Michelmore AO (OM 1970)                          Philip Grutzner (OM 1981)

Chair of Council                                                        Headmaster