Music Scholarships

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Music Scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate excellence in music and musical performance.

The Scholarship offers part remission of academic tuition fees, and music tuition fees for one instrument. Once awarded, the scholarship benefit is normally provided to the recipient until the end of Year 12.

Note that the most outstanding Year 7 applicant for a Music scholarship will be offered the Hone Scholarship for Music. This scholarship involves full remission of academic tuition fees, and music tuition fees for one instrument.

These scholarships are available to students who are already attending or enrolled at the School, and to new students, entering Year 7 and Year 9.

Applications for these scholarships close in January one year ahead of commencement. This means that, for students entering Year 7 or Year 9 in 2026, applications close in January 2025.

Selection process

Applicants for Music Scholarships sit the academic scholarship examination(s). Shortlisted students are asked to audition. 

At the audition applicants must perform two contrasting pieces. Non-pianists must perform at least one piece with piano accompaniment. Candidates will be asked to take sight reading and aural tests, and technical work may be requested

Minimum AMEB level, or equivalent, required at time of audition:

Year 7 entry

  • Brass: Grade 4
  • Strings: Grade 5
  • Woodwind: Grade 4
  • Piano: Grade 6

Year 9 entry

  • Brass: Grade 5
  • Strings: Grade 7
  • Woodwind: Grade 6
  • Piano: Grade 8