Fostering a safe space for all boys

A new committee was introduced to the Bluestone in 2017 – the Melbourne Grammar School Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

Student formed, organised, and led, the GSA aims to build awareness and empathy towards the gay community (particularly within our own School setting). It serves an important role in deconstructing prevalent, often negative, societal stereotypes which can hinder the development of a diverse school environment in which all boys can prosper. We do this by embedding a positive image of LGBTQ+ pride within the School – one of strength, inclusion, and togetherness.

Beyond celebrating pride, the GSA also plays an important role in providing boys with a safe space to be themselves. In a societal context where gay people are often silenced and degraded for their identity, our committee believes that its integral function is to encourage boys to embrace their own identity and to be proud of what makes them different. The GSA provides a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and their allies to discuss modern and topical issues relating to sexuality and gender identity.

The GSA is glad to be a positive force in striving towards a community that caters for the plethora of different identities within the boys of the Bluestone.

2017 pride week

Centered around the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (17th May), our three-day celebration of pride saw a meaningful reflection of gay identity across the School.

Austin Haynes, Year 11, and Rich Bartlett, Year 12, provided boys with personal insight to the experience of same-sex attracted people within specially themed pride Chapel services and an Assembly.

These speeches both had a profound impact on the senior school community – fueling discussion and shifting perceptions of those for whom the LGBTQ+ experience is far removed.

The First XVIII at the inaugural 'pride round'

We also hung the rainbow pride flag within the Quad – an amazing sight to see to the extent that it symbolizes an institution that is embracing change for the ethical enrichment of its student body.

Moreover, the First XVIII also held an inaugural ‘pride round’ against Brighton Grammar School at Edwin Flack Park – featuring custom-made rainbow jerseys, socks, and 40m painted lines.

Jack Wappett President, Gay Straight Alliance

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