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A sense of community lies at the heart of Melbourne Grammar School.

We believe that academic excellence and personal development is only part of each student’s journey ­– just as important is the knowledge that each child has an extensive and committed community supporting them and caring about them today and in the future.

Old Melburnians

Being a student at Melbourne Grammar School is the first step in a lifelong relationship with the School and your fellow students. Our alumni – Old Melburnians – continue to be an important part of the fabric of the School well after they have left the bluestone.

We aim to keep Old Melburnians linked to the School and each other through a variety of mechanisms. We warmly welcome Old Melburnians back to the School for reunions on a regular basis.

Many Old Melburnians choose to contribute back to Melbourne Grammar School through volunteering, philanthropy and countless other actions. Each of these activities has a direct impact on the quality of our students’ education and we value each of them.

Parents and friends

Melbourne Grammar School is supported by a number of core parent and interest groups who share their energy, time and knowledge to support key areas of School life.

The Grammar community comprises many support groups, whose members help to organise and promote the School’s co-curricular programs in the areas of sport, the arts and community work.

The parent support groups are not necessarily involved in fundraising, rather they provide support to a particular area. These include sporting teams, such as AFL, rugby, soccer, rowing, hockey, cricket, basketball, athletics and snow sports, as well as creative arts programs such as the Music Auxiliary Sub Committee and arts@mgs, which promotes exhibitions, dramatic and theatrical productions, musical concerts and arts events.

To be involved in a parent group, please contact Judith Mein, the Alumni and Community Coordinator.

Stay connected

Find out more about our School community through our news and events and 'Our Stories' - the stories behind the people that make Melbourne Grammar School such a diverse, inclusive and dynamic leading school.