Old Melburnians

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Our 18,000-member alumni network is an important part of the Melbourne Grammar School community. We value the role of Old Melburnians in continuing to promote the School’s culture of inclusiveness, excellence and integrity beyond your school days.

Our hope is that each Old Melburnian will take the knowledge and experience they have gained at Melbourne Grammar and draw on these resources as they provide service to those around them throughout their lives. 

Our diverse alumni community

The women and men who are part of the Old Melburnians network represent a diverse range of backgrounds, professional pursuits and life paths. They include recent graduates just beginning to establish their careers, those with a lifetime of professional experience, those who live overseas, those who spent just a short time at our School, and those who now have children or grandchildren attending Melbourne Grammar.

Benefits to Old Melburnians

Melbourne Grammar School values the relationship we with have with Old Melburnians. There are many benefits to maintaining a connection with the School, from access to career advice and mentorship to social events, sport and special interest clubs, and news about developments within the School and our goals for the future. To stay up to date with these opportunities, sign up to OMLink today.

How Old Melburnians contribute to the School

We recognise and appreciate that many alumni are motivated to contribute to the growth of Melbourne Grammar School. These contributions take many forms, from the philanthropic efforts that have shaped our School over many years to volunteering time, energy and expertise, as well as the informal gatherings with classmates and professional contacts that take place all over the world. Find out more about how you can choose to support the School.