The Old Melburnians Career Masterclass

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The Old Melburnians is a vibrant, diverse and thriving community of business leaders, professionals, and people with expertise to share. By actively maintaining connections with one another, Old Melburnians can expand and strengthen their professional networks which can help with career progression.

Incorporating mentorship and career networking, the Old Melburnians Career Masterclass program is designed to:

  • Support young Old Melburnians (0-5 years into their careers) to establish lifelong professional connections and build networking and career strategy skills, by connecting with a mentor in a relevant field; and
  • Give experienced Old Melburnians the opportunity to share their time and valuable expertise, and to make real contributions to the career progression of a young Old Melburnian.

Applications to be a mentor or mentee in the 2024 Old Melburnian Career Masterclass will open in July 2024.

To find out more about program logistics, the benefits of being a mentor or mentee, and to apply, please visit this site.