Creating a new scholarship

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Scholarships and bursaries have the capacity to enhance students’ lives, to foster excellence and, ultimately, to benefit the fabric of our society.

Many Melbourne Grammar School scholarship recipients have gone on to make meaningful contributions to our community by advancing our collective knowledge, reforming government and corporate policies and practices, making significant scientific or medical advances and adding to the cultural space in which we live.

Melbourne Grammar School scholarships and bursaries help unlock the potential of students from all walks of life by providing access to the educational experiences available at one of Australia’s leading schools.

Scholarships are offered to talented students who have the potential and ambition to be a future agent of positive change. Bursaries are available to students facing financial or geographic issues that would prevent them from attending Melbourne Grammar School. These include current students whose family may be facing unexpected financial difficulty.

How to establish a new scholarship or bursary

Scholarships and bursaries can be established through a major gift to the School, or by recognising the School in your Will.

You may care to consider naming a scholarship or bursary in honour or memoriam of a family member or friend, a teacher or another person who has been influential in your life.

Please contact us to discuss your options for creating a new scholarship or bursary.

Endowed and fixed term scholarships and bursaries

You may choose to establish an endowed or fixed term scholarship.

Endowed scholarships or bursaries

Gifts which create endowments ensure that your generosity will have a profound impact for students in perpetuity. Endowment funds can be named to create a legacy, honour a family member or to pay tribute to a loved one. When a gift is endowed, the corpus remains intact and a portion of the annual return is used to cover the award given to the students. 

Fixed term scholarships or bursaries

These are most often established to support tuition and/or boarding fees. A commitment of four to six years ensures that students are supported throughout the course of their studies. For example, a pledge of $100,000 could support 75 per cent of a student’s fees for their four years in Senior School. 


If you would like to make a profound impact on the life of a Melbourne Grammar School student, contact us to discuss your ideas.