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Philanthropy is at the heart of Melbourne Grammar School’s history, success and values. Our donors choose to give to Melbourne Grammar because they know their actions transform lives.

Our students take the lessons and values learned at Melbourne Grammar School and go on to make meaningful contributions to society’s culture, knowledge, and wellbeing. Old Melburnians are contributing knowledge and support across all areas of society, using their talents for the betterment of others through business, law and politics, the arts, medicine, science and technology, sport and more.

Your gift is part of their success.

Find out more about ways to give.

The benefit of your gift to students

Greater access and diversity: Your gift can support students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend Melbourne Grammar School, leading to a more diverse student group and giving all students a broader understanding of the world.

Exceptional learning environments: The generosity of donors has led to the development of outstanding educational facilities – from the gift of Grimwade House more than 100 years ago, to the new Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub.

Stability and flexibility: Giving ensures our School has funding security now and into the future, enabling us to pursue new priorities while maintaining the standard of education we offer students today.

Choose your impact

We work with donors who have a wide range of philanthropic aspirations. No matter your goals, your gift will have a positive impact.

Our philanthropic priorities are aligned with Towards 2030, the School's strategic plan. This year they are:

Access Scholarships

First Nations Scholarships

Exceptional Staff


Sculpture Walk

Melbourne Grammar Future Fund

You can choose to support one of these priorities or focus on an area that reflects your passion.

Cultural gifts, such as notable artworks, are also welcome.

Some people choose to make a gift to honour or in memory of a person dear to them, or who has had a significant impact on their lives.

Contact us to discuss options on how your gift can have the greatest impact.

Choose how you give

There are many ways to make a gift to the School including:

Giving online, by mail, phone, or in person

Making a pledge for an agreed number of payments

Recognising the School in your Will

Through corporate giving programmes

We are thinking past our family. This is why we support the School, the present students and ones to come. Students are the leaders of tomorrow and must be given the opportunity to get it right.

Edith Nelson