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Amanda Masters

Head of Science at Grimwade House

Last updated: December 2019

Young children are natural scientists. Every day is full of new discoveries. By making (and breaking) objects, asking questions and trying new things, children find the physical and conceptual boundaries of their world. This is why teaching Science to primary-school aged students is important and during Science lessons at Grimwade House, I am fortunate to see my students immersed in the investigations and experiments.

I design Science activities to be “hands-on” because I believe that many problem-solving skills can be developed by using concrete materials. Students’ enthusiasm towards Science inspires me every day.

Amanda Masters began teaching at Melbourne Grammar School as a Prep classroom teacher in 1998. Prior to that, she was an education officer at the CSIRO’s Science Education Centre while completing her Bachelor of Science and Graduate Diploma of Education. With her background in Science, Amanda leapt at the opportunity to become the Science specialist teacher in 2001. Amanda has relished every moment of her time teaching Science at Grimwade House.