Teaching and learning

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Teaching and learning at Grimwade House reflects a balance between the best of traditional approaches with contemporary practices which define a shift in children’s education. We focus on growth, offering learning strategies that aim to help each student reach their next stage of development.

We seek to ensure that Grimwade House students gain the very best academic and social foundation during their formative primary school years.

We focus on growth

At Grimwade House, our students excel because we are able to broadly personalise our programmes to support each area of need — be it academic, physical, social or emotional. Of course, we focus on embedding the basics in literacy and numeracy, but our learning programmes are much wider than this, encouraging children to explore new ideas every day.

We recognise that children will develop at different rates in different areas, so we also recognise and reward growth.

Our approach builds active participation

We use an inquiry-based approach to inform our lessons and shape our curriculum. This means moving past the teacher-centric model to one that encourages students to question, experiment and identify their own knowledge gaps.

By using this approach, we aim to build academic confidence while also strengthening students’ ability to seek new knowledge outside the classroom.

Our classrooms adapt to learning goals

A modern primary school classroom should be flexible enough to respond to a variety of learning needs. In Grimwade House classrooms, it’s common to see students spending time working in groups on personalised tasks, each designed to encourage the development of a particular skill.     

Our high staff-to-student ratio enables us to offer this level of personalised learning. Over time we’ve found that this approach improves outcomes while also creating classrooms where students feel happy and cared for.