Boarding Scholarships

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Who can apply for a Boarding Scholarship?

Boarding Scholarships are available to students with a range of talents and interests. Ideally students enter the School at Year 7 or Year 9, but there is some flexibility about this.

It is important that:

  • your permanent home is in Australia but outside the Melbourne metropolitan area, and
  • you are interested in boarding at Melbourne Grammar School until the end of your secondary education.

These scholarships are not available to International Student Visa Holders or students who already attend Melbourne Grammar School.

What qualities do we look for in an applicant?

We normally offer Boarding scholarships to boys who meet one or more of the following criteria:

outstanding academically talented students

Melbourne Grammar is recognised as an intellectual school, where all students are supported to perform at their highest level of academic potential. This translates into leading VCE results each year and an enormous array of local and overseas post-school options.

If you have a particular strength in one or more academic areas, we’d like to hear from you.

elite athletes

We are well known as a school that nurtures rising AFL players, but we also support promising athletes across many other sports helping them make their professional careers a reality.

If you have the talent, drive and determination to become the best in your field, please contact us about the possibility of Melbourne Grammar supporting your ambition through a scholarship.

boys with leadership qualities and/or community mindedness

We ask all our students to recognise that, with the benefit of a Melbourne Grammar School education, comes the responsibility to make a positive contribution to the School, Boarding Houses and the world around them.

If you can demonstrate this disposition through past actions or future aspirations, we encourage you to apply for a scholarship.

However, if you have a talent or strength outside of these parameters, please still consider applying. For example, some of our most successful students have been particularly talented in the visual and performing arts. Others have had an entrepreneurial mindset, and some were strong all-rounders.

How to apply

Applications for Boarding Scholarships are considered throughout the year. These may be for entry into the following year, or to years beyond. 

Please contact the Admissions Office to find out more about other available opportunities and the application process.