The Parncutt Family Scholarship

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The Parncutt Family Scholarship supports an academically talented student who, due to family financial circumstances, would otherwise not have the opportunity to attend Melbourne Grammar School.

The Scholarship was established in 2013 by Bruce Parncutt AO (OM 1968).

It is currently available to a prospective day or boarding student who will enter Year 7 or Year 9 in 2024.

The Scholarship provides up to 80% remission of boarding or tuition fees. The School may be able to provide additional financial support to supplement this Scholarship.

Applications for the Parncutt Family Scholarships are currently closed. 


The Parncutt Family Scholarship is available to a prospective day or boarding student who will enter Year 7 or Year 9 in 2024.

The Scholarship will be awarded to an applicant who can demonstrate a strong intellectual aptitude, leadership traits, and a breadth of involvement in their school or community beyond academic studies.

You are welcome to apply for this Scholarship even if you have not previously submitted an application to enrol at the School. You can also apply if you have previously applied for another Scholarship at the School.

This Scholarship is only available to Australian residents and holders of PR visas. It is not available to current Melbourne Grammar students.

The Scholarship is means-tested and will be offered to families who can demonstrate that they would be otherwise unable to pay Melbourne Grammar School fees. Families will need to provide evidence of their financial circumstances.



To apply for the Parncutt Family Scholarship, please complete the application form here.

You will be asked to provide supporting documentation as part of the application process. This includes:

  • A statement about your interests and hobbies outside the classroom
  • Your 2023 Semester 1 School report
  • Your 2022 Semester 2 School report
  • Your most recent NAPLAN results (Year 5 or Year 7)
  • A statement written by you, the applicant. This is your chance to tell us why you should be awarded a Scholarship at Melbourne Grammar School. Your written application might explain:
    • why you want to learn at Melbourne Grammar School
    • what qualities you have that makes you a strong applicant for a Scholarship
    • what are your future ambitions, if you have any
    • anything else you think we should know about you to help us with our decision making
  • A parent statement. Parents are welcome to expand on their son’s written application, explaining why they think he would be a strong candidate. We’d also like to hear about your family background and any other information you feel would support the application.
  • Your birth certificate
  • Your Australian passport (if you are not an Australian citizen)
  • Financial information for each parent or guardian:
    • Copy of latest tax return
    • Copies of two most recent payslips
  • Any other supporting documentation you wish to provide

Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by the Headmaster.


For more information about this Scholarship, to discuss other forms of financial assistance the School may be able to provide or for assistance with completing your application, please contact our Admissions Office on +61 3 9865 7569 or [email protected]