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Melbourne Grammar School offers a distinctive learning culture. We are focused on instilling a fundamental passion for learning in every student.

We believe this motivation to learn should come from a curiosity that surpasses the desire for external reward. We want our students to look at the world with wonder, question current paradigms and challenge themselves to reach beyond their current understanding.

The role of ideas

Our ability to question received knowledge is part of what makes us human. Our goal is to develop this quality in those who are part of Melbourne Grammar School – our students and our teachers – and this requires us to push the boundaries of our thinking.

This approach takes us much further than building the ability to complete tasks and recite facts. It means that in each new learning task we must ask ourselves: what can this student truly achieve? How much further can we go toward reaching new knowledge and ideas?

The role of service

Along with recognising the potential of our students, we are also interested in what each student does with that potential. How will their knowledge, skills and passion for understanding contribute to the lives of those around them?

This question is at the heart of our idea of service. To us, service encompasses everything from supporting an individual or community, to the service of contributing to the knowledge base of the world.