Priority: A holistic education

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We will educate and nurture the whole person, fostering each student’s intellectual, spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional growth.

We aim to build a sense of scholarship, a connection to spirituality, an appreciation for physical and psychological health, and an emotional consciousness in all our students. Through this holistic approach, we enable students to flourish, to discover who they are, and to seek truth as they engage with the world.

A holistic education is one that encourages students to consider knowledge in a wider context, creating connections between all aspects of their lives. It is one of the strengths of a Melbourne Grammar education that our students have the opportunity to learn in so many different areas and ways, inside and outside the classroom, alongside peers with diverse perspectives, while being guided by experts in their chosen fields.

At primary school level, we sow the seeds for students to grow into open-minded, compassionate and adaptable young people. Within the secondary educational levels, we further encourage intrinsic motivation, a strong ethical compass, and a sense of hope and excitement for our students’ next steps toward adulthood. In all our students, we foster a desire to advance those things that are worthwhile, nourishing and significant.

By offering opportunities to explore new areas, question and reconsider what we think we already know, we create an environment of intellectual rigour and respect. We make space for considered opinions to be heard, building toward a School community that is as dynamic and flexible in its thinking as it is steadfast in its core beliefs.