Buildings and grounds

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We believe a student’s learning environment can have an enormous impact on his or her academic outcomes and personal development. Our students learn in spaces that are intentionally designed to encourage the development of the ‘whole person’, reflecting the particular needs of each age group across our three campuses.

Purposeful learning spaces

Every aspect of our campuses addresses a specific purpose, from the colour and lighting schemes used in our classrooms to the high standards we hold for the maintenance of our grounds. We believe intentional learning spaces support student achievement while also contributing to the sense of community we value.

Exceptional facilities

Our classrooms, studios, libraries, laboratories, performance spaces and sporting grounds are built to promote excellence across disciplines. The significance of our historic buildings instils a sense of continuity and pride in our students, while newer facilities such as the Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership and Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub are leading examples of what contemporary learning environments can offer.  

Space for play and reflection

Areas where students are free to create their own activities and spend time reflecting between lessons are vitally important to our community. We value these spaces at each year level because they offer opportunities for students to build relationships with their peers and to fully integrate what they have learned inside the classroom.

Historical connections

The School has been located at St Kilda Road for almost 170 years, and at Caulfield for more than a century. This means that there is a sense of history at each campus.

Melbourne Grammar’s heritage is an important element in the pride our students have in the School. This understanding of their place in a continued community contributes to the confidence they have in themselves..