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Our boarding community is supported by a highly experienced team of staff who have been carefully chosen for their skills and pastoral care capabilities. Each holds an academic role at the School alongside their boarding responsibility, which means they have direct knowledge of students’ academic commitments and daily pastoral care.

All our staff have a strong understanding of the role they play in fostering the well-being of young men. Their role is to work with students and their parents to ensure each individual boy has the care they need.

Staff structure and roles

A senior position at the School, the Director of Boarding is a member of the teaching staff who lives on campus and is responsible for overseeing the boarding houses and wellbeing of its students, ensuring the environment is one in which boarders can flourish.

Our boarding houses comprise two Senior School houses (Perry House and School House) and a Middle School house for Years 7 and 8 (Creswick House). These physical houses also provide the pastoral care unit – also known as a House. Each boarding house has its own residential staff, a Head of House, Boarding Tutors and dedicated support staff.

Each Head of House is a member of the teaching staff at Melbourne Grammar School. They are responsible for the welfare of each individual boy within their care. They provide consistent supervision of the House and can be contacted by parents at any time.

Boarding Assistants have direct responsibility for the pastoral care and supervision of a small, specific group of students within their House. Supporting Heads of House, they regularly check each student’s academic progress, and are available for help, friendship and advice.

Boarding Positions common to Perry, School & Creswick Houses include:

  • Afternoon Boarding Tutor, who offers a friendly, welcoming face for the boys as they return to the boarding precinct after school. As well as overseeing afternoon tea, the Afternoon Boarding Tutor monitors boarding movements until dinner time.
  • Activities Boarding Tutor, who regularly consults with boarders and other staff to provide a range of fun activities after hours and on weekends.
  • Wellness Coordinator, who proactively provides guidance to boarders about fitness, nutrition, and mental health.
  • School Nurses – the medical centre located in the boarding precinct is staffed 24/7 by ‘live-in’ School nurses.

The boarding staff also live in the precinct with their families and pets too – so it’s really nice having that additional sense of family. They’re always around for a chat.

Jack, Year 11