Safety and wellbeing

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The physical safety, mental health and overall well-being of our boarders are of paramount importance to us. This is reflected in every aspect of our boarding precinct, from the way we introduce students to life at their boarding house to the dedication of our staff members.

How we care for our students

The procedures we have in place to ensure students’ safety and well-being include:

  • Comprehensive orientation programs specifically for boarders, complementing those provided by our Wadhurst and Senior School campuses.

  • Supervision before and after school, as students transition between boarding houses and School, and throughout the afternoon and evening.
  • Health and medical care from registered nurses at our on-site medical centre.

  • A School-wide pastoral care program to monitor academic and social progress and address any issues as they arise.

  • Excellent nutrition provided in our boarding houses and at our dining hall.

  • Dedicated staff to monitor and support students’ with social concerns, spiritual matters and academic challenges.      

Consistent communication with parents

We understand that along with communicating with your son on a regular basis, regular, transparent communications from our staff are also important. Our highly trained staff ensure parents are kept up-to-date with their son’s progress throughout the year, and all staff are available to discuss questions and concerns, including our Heads of House.

I think I made the right decision to come to Melbourne Grammar because I am happy here. New friends and a fresh start has been good for me.

Ollie, Year 10