Meet the Director of Boarding

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Boarders form a special part of the Melbourne Grammar School community. My priority is to provide boarding students with a safe, caring ‘home away from home’ which offers independence, privacy, flexibility and fun.

The School takes the responsibility you place in us to care for your son extremely seriously and take great care in providing the academic guidance and pastoral care required for a successful, enjoyable boarding experience.

We look to our School values to inform everything we do, and we are very considered in our approach to students’ nutrition, health, mental well-being and, of course, their academic progress.

Following three years serving as Head of one of the School’s Boarding Houses, 10 years teaching at Melbourne Grammar, and having grown up on a Gippsland dairy farm, I understand what it means for a young person to become a boarder.

I firmly believe that genuine connections are the cornerstone of effective boarding life. Whether parents reside just a few hours away or on the other side of the world, I am committed to being someone they can trust and connect with. Melbourne Grammar's Boarding Houses thrive as a strong and caring community, contributing to the diversity and vibrancy of our esteemed School.

Belinda Annan, Director of Boarding