Keeping in touch

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Strong partnerships between home and school are part of creating an enjoyable experience for each of our boarders. We want and encourage students to have regular contact with their parents to share their Melbourne Grammar experiences and stay connected to life at home.

We also ensure parents are informed about their son’s academic and social progress, as well as his overall well-being. We see this communication as central to our pastoral care responsibilities and to the success of our students in and outside the classroom. 

Daily contact with your son

All our boarding houses are fully equipped with phones and Wi-Fi so parents can talk with their sons on a daily basis. We also welcome parents who wish to visit on weekends or after school, and support families who want to organise for their sons to return home or stay with Melbourne based relatives or a Local Support Person on weekends.

How our staff keep you connected

Our staff have a range of ways to keep you informed about your son during his time at Melbourne Grammar School. These include: 

  • Our boarding handbook, which contains detailed information about policies, programs and activities.
  • Regular email updates, including our weekly parent bulletin.
  • Our dedicated Boarder Parents’ Network, which promotes friendship and communication among boarding parents, students and staff.

All our staff are contactable to provide advice and answer questions throughout the school year, including our Heads of House.

I speak to mum most nights. I know I can call her if I need help with anything.

Ollie, Year 10