Weekly routine

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Many boys say that they enjoy the structure of a boarding life.

A boarder’s week day is like that of other boys in many ways - get up and get ready for school, eat breakfast, then head off for a normal school day. After school, boarders may attend sports training or another co-curricular activity, or come home for afternoon tea. They may spend some time relaxing with friends or get on with homework, followed by dinner.

After dinner, Houses may come together for announcements or to celebrate a student success.

There is a dedicated, supervised period for homework for students in Years 7 – 8 before dinner. This occurs after dinner for older students.

The first part of Saturday is usually dedicated to sporting and homework commitments. Once that’s done there are lots of leisure activities to be involved with in and around the boarding precinct. Saturday nights might involve communal movie, with pizza and popcorn.

Sunday is brunch day, with food on offer in the dining room from 8.30am – 1.30pm.

Everyone is encouraged to get outside the school walls and take advantage of their surrounds for some time over the weekend. After all, the world’s most liveable city is right on our doorstep.

Electronics are packed away at the end of the day. No electronics, including phones, are permitted in beds. Time spent on computer games is monitored and kept to a designated timeframe.

There’s freedom to explore Melbourne on the weekends, and I particularly enjoy walking across to the MCG for the footy.

Campbell, Year 10