Teaching and learning

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Melbourne Grammar School classrooms are attentive spaces where ideas are grappled with and honoured in their own right. Our students and teachers pursue academic excellence, but our approach to education goes well beyond that.

Our approach matches developmental needs

Our approach to teaching and learning across all year levels is based around key developmental stages while taking student variations in learning style, intelligence, interests and relationships into account.

In Years Prep to 6 we use an inquiry-based approach, giving students the tools and opportunities they need to move towards understanding on their own terms. We intend for this to instil an intrinsic motivation to learn that will support students throughout their education.

In our middle school, Wadhurst (Years 7 and 8), students continue to develop their academic skills, explore new areas of interest and build a sense of self in an environment that supports the particular needs of early adolescent boys.

In the Senior School (Years 9 - 12), our liberal, discipline-based approach gives students the flexibility to create learning pathways that consolidate their skills and talents. Students deepen their knowledge and personal development through opportunities for service, leadership, creativity and teamwork outside the classroom. They choose from more than 40 subjects in Years 11 and 12. 

A community contributes to our students’ education

Alongside the experience and passion of our teaching staff, Melbourne Grammar School students benefit from being part of a community that extends far beyond the School’s boundaries. Our students frequently interact with people from the broader community, including Old Melburnians, to develop a richer understanding of their place in the world.

There are multiple ways to interpret the information we gather from the world around us. Each educational discipline – for example: art, mathematics, history and science – is a lens that gives us values and rules to shape these interpretations.
A good education gives you multiple lenses through which you can gain a much richer perspective on your world.

Andrew Baylis
Director of Learning and Research