Boarding scholarship applications

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We don’t just rely on test performance when offering Boarding scholarships. We take into account other information about the student, if it is provided. For example, we take sporting, leadership and other similar capabilities into account.

Accordingly, we ask Boarding scholarship applicants who want us to consider selection criteria beyond test results to provide optional additional information as part of their application.

You can find out more about Boarding scholarships here.

Some of the optional information we suggest you provide includes:

  • Student statement
  • Parent statement
  • A copy of your most recent school report
  • A copy of your most recent school report
  • A copy of your most recent NAPLAN results

You can also provide additional documents or materials if you wish to do so.

About the student statement

This is your chance to tell us why you should be awarded a Boarding Scholarship at Melbourne Grammar School. Your written application might explain:

  • why you want to learn and board at Melbourne Grammar School
  • what qualities you have that makes you a strong applicant for a Boarding Scholarship
  • what are your future ambitions, if you have any
  • anything else you think we should know about you to help us with our decision making

It could also include any attachments that support your application – for example, copies of certificates and awards, letters of reference, and pieces of school work.

You can seek advice about the written part of your application from your parents and other adults, if you wish, however we would prefer it was written by you. Of course, they can also help you collate your supporting material and create the final document you will submit.

Please contact the Head of Admissions should you wish to apply for a Boarding scholarship for a year other than 2025.


About the parent statement

Parents are welcome to expand on their son’s written application, explaining why they think he would be a strong candidate. We’d also like to hear about your family background and any other information you feel would support the application.