OM Journeys - Autumn 2022

OM Journeys - Autumn 2022

Old Melburnians are warmly invited to the next OM Journeys event featuring David Titeu (OM 2014), Founder and Director of the social network for emotional support: Linkmate.


Hosted by Nik Devidas (OM 1997), co-host and producer of The Do-Landers Podcast and entrepreneur in the Cyber Security sector, this in-conversation event series is designed to inspire, challenge, and inform. Old Melburnians can join this event to learn from others about navigating life and careers, pursuing passions, and taking on new challenges. Through this series you will make new connections, gain fresh insights, and learn new ways of thinking.

Featuring David Titeu (OM 2014) the Founder and Director of Linkmate a social enterprise devoted to proactive emotional support with a mission to connect people to support that is unique to them, to prevent the onset of mental health challenges. Their social network links members to peers with shared experiences and interests along with community services to help them feel less alone and to overcome life's challenges.

Read more about Linkmate’s origin story here 

In conversation with Nik Devidas, David will talk about his journey that started at Melbourne Grammar School, the highs and lows of university life and living on campus and experiencing the challenges of workplace culture for the first time. David’s key to success is having strong values and making time for self-reflection and evaluation personal and professional goals.