2017 VCE results

It is the breadth and depth of achievement which defines the Class of 2017. Read more about their achievements and destinations.

The Class of 2017 demonstrated prowess in the classroom, on the stage, on the sporting field, at the lectern and beyond. They addressed social justice issues, and made tangible contributions to the fabric of the School and the society around them. The School is proud of their achievements and wishes them well for all future endeavours.

“Success comes in many forms. The Class of 2017 is a fine example of how a diverse group of young men can collectively have an impact across a very wide range of fields of endeavour,” says Mr Roy Kelley, Headmaster. “Of course, ATAR scores are important, but I am most proud of the inclusive and mutually supportive character demonstrated by the cohort during their final year of studies.”

“The 2017 VCE outcomes are also testament to the exceptional levels of capability and dedication demonstrated by our teachers,” says Mr Kelley.

The diversity of talent within the Class of 2017 was also reflected in the ATAR outcomes this year.

Of particular note is the extent to which the results of students who attended Grimwade House mirrored those of the overall cohort, with an upwards skew for our highest achieving students. Indeed, of our top four students, two commenced in Prep at Melbourne Grammar School, and one commenced in Year 3.

The Academic Head of School (Dux) for 2017 is Jack Solomon. Jack balanced his studies with his impressive debating success, having been tabbed (ranked) fifth best in the world during the year. 

Jack Solomon, Academic Head of School (Dux) for 2017
















“The ATAR, looking back, forms only a small part of my school experience,” says Jack. “What has stayed with me most of all are the friendships that I forged across my 13 years at Melbourne Grammar School, the rich cross-section of ideas that I encountered in my classes, and my memories of the activities – like debating – in which I took part.”

Jack has been offered a place to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Oxford University.

Highlights include

  • The median ATAR for Melbourne Grammar School students in 2017 was 87.
  • 12% of our students achieved an ATAR of 99 or above, placing them in the top 1% of Victoria. A further 18%of our students are in the top 5%, achieving an ATAR of 95+. In total, 44% of our students are in the top 10%having achieved an ATAR of 90+.
  • Ten students achieved the maximum score of 50 in one of their subjects. One of these students achieved this score in two subjects.

Student satisfaction

Each year Melbourne Grammar School asks exiting Year 12 students about their experience at the School through an Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) survey. Questions relate to teaching and learning, pastoral care, resources and more. Results are compared to previous outcomes, and those of other independent schools.

In 2017, our Year 12 student responses indicated a higher level of satisfaction across all survey domains when compared to the results of other independent schools. The levels of satisfaction were also higher than the 2016 Melbourne Grammar outcomes.

As well as a high rating for ‘Overall Satisfaction’ in 2017, students expressed particularly high levels of satisfaction with:

  • quality of academic programme and curriculum
  • level of learning outcomes
  • type and level of pastoral care
  • opportunities for extra-curricular activities
  • level of available resources

Class of 2017 destinations 

The Class of 2017 saw 199 students successfully completing their VCE and all but three applied for tertiary study in Australia. By the end of the tertiary offer rounds, all applicants had successfully received an offer, many receiving multiple offers as more than 40 students had applied for interstate and/or overseas courses during the year.

In the first round of VTAC offers more than half (51%) of our students received offers for their first preference, and 168 (85%) received an offer in their top 3 preferences.

These are better figures than 2016 and 2015 (2016 – 44% received an offer for their first preference and 80% for their second; in 2015 it was 42% and 81% respectively).

It has been reported that, in Victoria this year, competition for courses has increased and some course entry scores have risen accordingly. The most popular singular destination university of Melbourne Grammar School students continues to be the University of Melbourne (28%), followed by Monash University (24.5%). There has been a slight decrease in these numbers compared to previous years as many students offered places at these institutions are accepting offers to interstate, predominantly ANU, and overseas universities. 


Five students have been offered entry into the Chancellor’s Scholars programme at the University of Melbourne. Two other students have received scholarship offers from Monash University, two from ANU and two from Griffith University.

Interstate applications

It is known that 32 students were made offers to universities in New South Wales/ACT, predominantly ANU – with 26 offers, followed by UNSW (2), University 
of Wollongong (2), Sydney University (1) and UTS (1). Two students are studying medicine interstate at University of Queensland and Griffith University. One student is attending the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).

Overseas applications

In recent years, Melbourne Grammar School students have successfully gained admission at some of the most selective universities in the USA and UK, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Columbia University, Yale University, Princeton University, Harvard University and Stanford University. 

At the time of publication, three Melbourne Grammar School 2017 VCE students had been offered a place at Cambridge University, and one at Oxford University. 

Other students applied as far afield as University of California, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale University, Harvard University, Stanford University and the University of Chicago. One student, who made an Early Decision application to Stanford in October, was offered a place commencing September 2018.

VTAC Offers by Fields of Study

The table below indicates the range of fields of study represented by the VTAC offers. It is interesting to note that there has been an increase in Creative Arts, Sciences, Health Sciences and Engineering with a slight decrease in the Management and Commerce and Architecture and Building courses for this cohort.

Heading overseas

Michael Biggs (OM 2017) is one of eight* Melbourne Grammar School graduates who will head overseas for their undergraduate studies this year.

Offered a place at three top tier UK universities, Michael will study a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) majoring in History and Politics at Cambridge University.

“I was struggling to find a (local) course that met my needs in terms of majors, structure and academic standing,” says Michael. “Ms Larn, the Director of Career Development, suggested I look overseas and everything turned on its head at that point. Looking back, I am very surprised, but really pleased, about how it has all turned out.”

Michael appreciates that there will be some challenges associated with the move. “I can’t not grasp the opportunity that has presented itself,” he says. “I know there may be difficulties ahead but, at the same time, I feel ready to handle them.”

As to what will happen after undergraduate study, Michael is not sure. “I’ll probably explore some postgraduate study options,” he explains. “But if my current situation is any indicator, who knows what will happen in the future.”

* at time of publication

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