A focus on flora

A very special garden space was officially opened on Friday 28 April 2017.

As Jan Rizzo said at the Opening and Blessing of the new Mindfulness Garden, it is intended to be:

“…a quiet space for gentle mindfulness, a gathering place where it’s important to simply ‘be’ – sometimes without even the need for conversation, a place that feeds the senses – especially sight, sound and smell – and a place which contains messages and thoughts in the patterns and images on the tiles, if visitors to the garden are open to finding them in the midst of their contemplation…”

Located in the centre of the School, near the Chapel, the Garden is available to all Grimwade House community members.

The beautiful tiles which decorate the space were created by Year 5 and 6 students, and staff. These artefacts intentionally reference blue and white china and tiles from around the world.

The garden was created as a space for contemplation and reflection. Due to its proximity to the library, it is also a space where staff can reflect on the life of Cheryl Adamson who was tragically taken from us in 2014.

Prep Sensory Garden

A new garden area has been opened for the exclusive use of Prep children, to encourage them to explore the sights, sounds and feel of nature.

Leading from their cubby house, gentle garden paths wind around beds filled with (very hardy!) plants of varying types and forms.

“In addition to fostering connections between students and their environment, the garden has been developed with the specific intention of promoting imaginary play,” says Ms Jane Thomas, Head of Junior Primary. “It extends on learnings from the classroom.”

“The garden had to provide a stimulating place for children but we also had horticultural issues to consider,” says Mr John Shannon, Grounds Manager. “The aim was to establish a garden in which the health of the plants could be protected and nurtured, despite robust use.”

This initiative complements the Prep vegetable garden beds located near their classrooms. Other similar spaces for older students are planned.


With each year level using different techniques to create floral-based artworks, the Felton Hall foyer was filled to the brim with a profusion of colour and texture. The exhibition clearly demonstrated the breadth of talent and perspectives within the School.

“I’m very proud to have my art work on show,” said Year 6 student, Finley Gray. “We each put a lot of effort into our pieces and it is good that parents can see that.” Hannah Glover, Year 6, concurred. She added “I liked seeing my (Prep) buddy’s work. It gave us something to share plus it reminds me of how I used to draw and shows me how far I’ve come.” Hannah and Finley are members of the Art Service Team this year.

All students contributed to the Flowers@Felton Art Show staged in March 2017

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