A breadth of contribution

Ian and Paula McCall began contributing to Melbourne Grammar School when their son was in his early years at Grimwade House, as both donors and volunteers.

During James’s time at the School, Paula supported the School through participation in Friends of Grammar committees, Ian was involved with the MGS Boat Club and both Ian and Paula gave generously of their time on the Snow Sports Committee, and in other ways.

Notably, Paula and Ian have also been major donors to the School across a number of philanthropic pillars. “Our first decision to make a donation to the School came after I attended a presentation on the development of the Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership many years ago,” explains Paula. “I remember thinking what a fantastic resource that would be — and it is.”

“We felt a similar level of excitement about the Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub,” says Ian. “Even though our son would not directly benefit from it, here was an opportunity to help create something that would be a new benchmark in education. I remember walking through the Hub at the Opening and thinking what an exemplar it was, and how it would reframe science and technology education for many students.”

Paula and Ian have also contributed to the School’s Scholarships programme, with a particular focus on supporting Indigenous bursaries. “Education is the foundation of everything,” says Paula. “There is a great need in our community to facilitate access to quality education for Indigenous children.”

Contributors to a wide set of causes across the broader community, both Paula and Ian came from humble beginnings. “We, and our parents, have worked hard to achieve a level of comfort in life but we think that, with that comfort, comes an obligation to support philanthropic causes,” says Ian. “It behoves us all to give back to those things that are sometimes viewed as discretionary in the community and not funded as well as they might be — such as supporting children who don’t have access to leading edge educational facilities like those we have here.”

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