Continuing the Grimwade family legacy

Fred Grimwade (OM 1975) views his decision to provide a bequest to the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation Endowment Fund as a continuation of his family’s legacy.

As the great-great-grandson of Frederick Sheppard Grimwade, he understands that a single philanthropic action can have far-reaching benefits. Frederick Sheppard Grimwade was the original owner of the family home, ‘Harleston’. The building and its grounds were gifted to Melbourne Grammar School by Frederick’s sons, and ultimately became Grimwade House 100 years ago.

"It’s wonderful that Grimwade House continues to be such an active campus," Fred says, reflecting on his own time as a student there, along with the experiences of his sons and daughters. "The support philanthropy has provided to Melbourne Grammar School over the years goes to show how much can be achieved."

Fred’s decision to include a gift to the School in his Will follows his family’s long tradition of philanthropy, along with his own history as a donor to Melbourne Grammar School since 1984.

His career has also informed his understanding of philanthropy’s long-term benefits, involving roles in financial services as well as serving on the boards of the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, the Ian Potter Museum and the Australian Institute of Art History.

"In Australia today, there are many families making the decision to become involved in philanthropy through their Estate planning. I think that this is a great way to support a whole range of causes," Fred says. "I’m an enthusiastic supporter of this kind of philanthropic action, not just for school communities but for any institution seeking to establish long-term funding sources."Fred adds that the importance of the Melbourne Grammar School Foundation lies in its ability to provide both access and independence. "There will always be questions about affordability, the cost of schooling and ensuring that there is a diverse student population," he explains. "All of those things can be addressed by the Foundation, which can also provide a level of independence from government funding."

"We can see today that the impact the Grimwade brothers have had through their gift of Grimwade House has been extraordinary," Fred says. "I would encourage anyone who holds a philanthropic tendency and who is grateful for their education, to consider contributing some part of their wealth through a bequest."

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