It is a privilege to be part of this community

When Patrick Kingham (OM 2022) speaks of his time at Melbourne Grammar School, two words come up over and over again: opportunity and community. His ability to take full advantage of both was made possible by the Michelmore Family Scholarship.

Patrick’s strong academic ability and compassionate nature were the perfect fit for the School, which prioritises academic excellence within a holistic education.

From the moment he joined as a Year 9 student in 2019, Patrick capitalised on his abilities. He quickly set a standard for academic enquiry that others sought to emulate.

Outstanding facilities such as the Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub played a crucial role. In recent years, the School – with help from its community – has invested heavily in learning environments that attract and retain exceptional teachers, who help talented boys like Patrick to excel.

Patrick, a relatively quiet teenager when he joined the School, also appreciated the warm welcome he received.

“There was a level of camaraderie I didn’t expect to find at secondary school,” he says. “I was able to make friends quickly, and also interact with older students who gave me advice on the opportunities available to me.”

As Patrick progressed through the School, he made sure to pay forward this support, becoming known for helping younger students. Now studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, Patrick remains immensely grateful for the Michelmore Family Scholarship that allowed him to attend Melbourne Grammar. He is in regular contact with donor and School Council Chair, Andrew Michelmore AO.

“I cannot thank him enough,” he says. “My experience opened my eyes to what is possible and allowed me to develop academically and personally in a truly supportive environment. It is a privilege to be part of this community.”

Patrick uses his experience as motivation to give back to future generations and he urges others to help provide opportunities for talented students at an exceptional school.

“I think building a culture that supports others is really inspiring,” he says. “Anything that people can do to ensure others benefit from being at Melbourne Grammar makes a difference.”

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