Boarder Parents' Network

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The Boarder Parents’ Network promotes communication and friendship within our boarding parent community. The Network holds regular meetings, dinners and social gatherings to encourage connections between parents and with our staff.

Becoming part of the Boarder Parents’ Network is one more way to stay connected with your son’s experiences at the School, adding to the regular contact we maintain with all parents regarding academic, social and sporting progress.

Each year, a representative from the Boarder Parents’ Network is invited to become part of the Committee of Friends of Grammar – the Melbourne Grammar School parent group. This group further promotes strong relationships between parents and staff and encourages parent in all areas of School life.

Why we encourage parent engagement

The Boarder Parents’ Network is just one example of the range of networks, activities and programmes we encourage parents to become involved with at Melbourne Grammar School. We understand that groups such as these contribute to each student’s success, building positive partnerships between home and school and supporting enjoyable, worthwhile learning experiences.