New accolades for 2021 VCE students

Four exemplary Class of 2021 VCE students, together with an outstanding Class of 2022 VCE student, have been recognised for their academic prowess through the 2021 Premier’s VCE Awards.


Around 20,000 students across Victoria were enrolled in at least one VCE 3/4 unit in 2021.

Of these, only 25 students have been recognised for their exceptional results across all of their subjects, receiving a Top All-Round VCE High Achiever Award. This award is bestowed upon those students who achieved study scores of 46 or higher in at least five VCE studies.

Congratulations to:

  • Peter Frangos, 2021 Academic Head of School (Dux)
  • William Flintoft, 2021 Proxime Accessit (Dux runner-up)

Together with fellow Class of 2021 student Kelvin Cao, Peter and William received the highest possible VCE result – an ATAR of 99.95.

Last year, Peter also received First Class Honours results in Calculus and Linear Algebra, both first year subjects at the University of Melbourne. Peter studied these subjects as part of the University of Melbourne Extension Program for talented VCE students. He is currently studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne and is planning to pursue a Doctor of Medicine after that.

William was the 2021 Captain of School. He received perfect study scores in Mathematical Methods and Physics as a Year 11 student. William will commence a combined Bachelor of Arts/Master of Science at Harvard University later this year.


Study Awards are given in recognition of outstanding 2021 results in a particular VCE 3/4 subject, with 296 Study Awards being presented this year.

Congratulations to Melbourne Grammar recipients:

  • Felix Archibald – Philosophy
  • Peter Frangos – Latin
  • Yizhang (Samuel) Han – Classical Studies
  • Joseph Wheelahan – Physics and Systems Engineering

Felix is currently studying a combined Bachelor of Laws (Honours)/ Bachelor of Arts at the Australian National University.

Samuel achieved his superb result as a Year 11 student in 2021 and will complete his Year 12 studies this year.

Joseph achieved a perfect study score of 50 in both Physics and Systems Engineering. Now a student at the University of Melbourne, Joseph is studying a Bachelor of Commerce. He is intending to also complete a Master of Engineering.


“On behalf of the entire School community, I would like to acknowledge the tremendous achievements of these very fine scholars. It is further testament to their talent and dedication to their studies,” said Philip Grutzner, Headmaster. “The breadth of subjects in which they excelled reflects the expertise of the staff who taught these students throughout their time with us.”

Joseph, Peter and William all completed their schooling at Melbourne Grammar School, attending from Prep through to Year 12. Felix joined the School in Year 4, and Samuel in Year 7.

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