Transition to Prep

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We recognise the importance of a successful start at school. We have dedicated support staff and strategies in place to make sure the transition to Prep is a positive experience for both students and parents. 

Communication and planning

Well before Prep students attend their first day at Grimwade House, our staff spend time visiting kindergartens to understand as much as possible about our newest students and their learning environments. We also make time for parents to meet with our Head of School to learn about our school culture and ask any questions they may have.

Focusing on growth

In line with our broader approach to student learning, we maintain a focus on the successes students achieve during this first transition to primary school as well as providing targeted support when needed. By recognising small yet significant moments of progress, we encourage students to feel a sense of achievement as early as possible and see school as an enjoyable and positive place.

Putting social transitions first

An important aspect of creating a smooth transition into Prep is spending time building friendships to make sure students are socially confident at school. We achieve this in a number of ways, including our attention to class composition, by bringing extra staff into the classroom during the first phase of Prep, and even through modelling safe ways to set up and play games on our playground.