Transition to Senior School

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Every Senior School student enters a new environment in Year 9 during their transition from either our Wadhurst (Years 7 and 8) campus or another school. While Wadhurst students will be familiar with some Senior School facilities, Year 9 marks the beginning of a new phase with new, specialist teaching staff and a new learning environment.  

Introducing a new school culture

Our transition programme includes opportunities for students from both Wadhurst and other schools to spend time in the Senior School environment before the school year begins. These sessions and students’ initial experiences in their new Houses set the foundation for new friendships and establish familiarity with teachers and staff members who will be available to support students throughout their time at the Senior School. 

Ongoing academic and social support

Successful transitions to the Senior School rely on an understanding of new academic expectations and routines, as well as opportunities to establish new friendships. Our staff are experienced in monitoring each student’s adjustment to this new social and learning environment as Year 9 begins, and our pastoral care system ensures they receive ongoing support throughout their time at the Senior School campus.