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Studying languages enables boys to learn about new cultures and gain essential language skills. In learning a second language, students are able to compare and reference across cultures to understand how language works and how it shapes and reflects experience and identity. Students become inter-culturally aware citizens as they discover how effective communication requires the learner to take risks and move outside the norms, practices and acquired behaviours of their first language.

Students at Wadhurst choose languages from Latin, French, Chinese and Japanese. All of these languages can be continued at the Senior School through to VCE level. The opportunity to learn both Asian and European languages is one that students may find increasingly relevant as they move through a rapidly evolving global society.

Year 7

All students in Year 7 will study two languages from Chinese, French, Japanese and Latin, and the main focus is on the use of language as a communicative tool.

Year 8

Most Year 8 students study only one language, selected from the two they have studied in Year 7. However, those students who have demonstrated they are particularly capable in this area can continue to with two languages if they wish to do so.