English and Literature

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The use of language provides a framework for communication in our society. We seek to ensure all students are well equipped with the literacy tools they need to interact with others and to communicate their ideas.

Throughout each year, but particularly at Grimwade House, building and consolidating core literacy and language skills are fundamental activities.

The study of literature is a form of cultural transmission. Literature can convey emotions, context and stories. It can introduce and elevate ideas as well as foster imagination and creativity. We begin each student’s encounter with literature of value from day one.

From Prep to Year 12

Our unswerving focus on building literacy skills begins with our youngest students. Traditional methods, blended with new approaches, creates a learning space where students are supported to develop a solid literacy base.

At Grimwade House, students also begin to understand and value literature with age-appropriate stories and methods. We want each student to enjoy reading and to appreciate the richness it can offer to their lives.

As students move into Wadhurst and Senior School, the study of English and Literature naturally becomes more sophisticated. We examine texts of note, and those which hold meaning for our community. We believe it is just as important to gain an understanding of poetry and the classics, as it is to enjoy more contemporary writings which can be drawn from novels, journalistic works and online writings.

In senior years, Melbourne Grammar School is known for its excellent results in both VCE English and VCE Literature.