Pastoral care

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Like most adults, children sometimes face social and emotional challenges. Our pastoral care program aims to enable students to cope with the challenges they may experience at school, and to lay the ground work for a confident future. Ultimately, we want Grimwade House students to be emotionally literate and resilient, to be self-aware and understand the importance of choices in their life.

We also want all members of the Grimwade House community to feel welcomed. We strive to make sure each girl and boy feels safe, secure and valued throughout their time with us, and supported in each aspect of their learning. We want them to develop respect for themselves and for each other.

A warm, nurturing place to learn

The Grimwade House community is defined by the strength of the relationships between our parents, teacher and students, reflecting our central value of ‘a sense of community’. Our pastoral care program underpins these strong connections.

Pastoral care extends from our classrooms, where teachers work to foster social and emotional well-being, to the support of our full-time School Chaplain, School Psychologists, School Nurse, Section and Deputy Heads and the Head of Grimwade House.

Our four School Houses, before and after school care program and Grimwade Club are also key to our pastoral care program. These offer more spaces where students can develop new friendships and skills, supported by the guidance of staff who have an understanding of student needs. 

Clear boundaries and expectations

We are explicit about the behaviour we expect from our students, using age-appropriate strategies to explore values and social norms, and to embed suitable behaviour patterns across the student body.