Years 11 - 12

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In their final two years of secondary education, our students can choose from more than 40 subjects leading toward their Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). This breadth of subject choice gives each student the ability to focus on their areas of strength while also continuing to pursue new areas of interest. 

A combined Year 11 and 12 program

Melbourne Grammar School offers a VCE timetable across Years 11 and 12, allowing capable Year 11 students access to VCE Units 3 and 4. These additional studies, give students the experience of a Year 12 subject, and extend capable students.

Options for academic extension

To make sure all our students are appropriately challenged, some students may also participate in extension and accelerated programs across our curriculum, including the opportunity to study first year university subjects while in Year 12.

We also allow external and Distance Education study for subjects not offered at Melbourne Grammar. For example, subjects studied in the past include languages such as Spanish, Russian, and Indonesian.

Support from specialist teaching staff

In each discipline, our students are supported by teaching staff who are experts in their field. This expertise extends to those who work with students in career development, in learning environments outside the classroom and in our pastoral care program.