Our culture

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Wadhurst offers a friendly, safe and dynamic culture that responds to the learning needs of boys who are becoming young men. Through our curriculum, classroom strategies, cocurricular activities and physical environment, we encourage every student to be proactive in setting and reaching educational and personal goals.   

The Wadhurst student

We believe our changing society will require young people to rely on a number of personal qualities as well as academic expertise. At Wadhurst, our aim is to develop students who are:

  • resilient, with perspective, pride and belief in themselves.
  • well-mannered, humble, respectful and empathetic.
  • emotionally and academically intelligent as well as physically fit.
  • involved in and supportive of their own community and the wider community. 
  • engaged, creative and passionate as a learner.
  • able to question and listen.
  • growing towards independence and self-reliance.
  • able to display strong values, integrity and honesty.

A supportive space for early adolescents

Throughout their time at Wadhurst students are part of a pastoral care program designed to assist students to develop their sense of self as they begin to find their place in the school and broader community. Peer approval can be particularly important during early adolescence and the capacity to reach out for support and advice is still developing. Both of these are recognised and addressed at Wadhurst.

Our staff are skilled in working with adolescent boys to help them build strategies to deal with the immense personal changes and challenges they experience during this phase of their lives. An important aspect of our program is embedding a foundation for future mental health.

Single-sex education offers the opportunity to participate in a wider range of roles without facing gender stereotyping. Music, drama, debating and other areas flourish in boys’ schools without the pressure of competition between genders.