Outside the classroom

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Classroom lessons are only one element of our students’ Senior School experience. Co-curricular activities in sport, the performing arts, outdoor education and community service are also an essential part of developing the ‘whole person’.

Our School has permeable boundaries insofar as we seek to interact with the world around us in positive, two-directional ways. We regularly invite community members who may have fresh perspectives, attitudes and priorities into the School to interact with students. We also actively encourage students to step outside the gates and learn about the community around them, in Melbourne, in Australia and overseas.

Building on classroom experiences

Our wide range of co-curricular activities – including sport, theatrical and musical performance, debating and membership in clubs and societies such as Book Club, Politics Club and LGR (Bushwalking) – aim to deepen our students’ experience.

Our Values in Action program is also key to our Senior School curriculum. We expect all Senior School students to be involved in some form of service, expanding their understanding of the world through local community work, international service or fundraising.

Learning in a wider context

Our Senior School extends well beyond the boundaries of our St Kilda Road campus. In Melbourne itself, nearby sites such as the Royal Botanic Gardens, the MCG, the Tan running track and National Gallery of Victoria are all part of students’ everyday learning experience.

Students also make use of dedicated outdoor education spaces, including the School’s Camp Dowd in the Gippsland Lakes, where they build initiative, collaborative skills and leadership capacity.

Outside Victoria, national and international excursions and exchanges provide students with opportunities to encounter new ideas, languages and ways of living.