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In Years 7 and 8, many boys will be intrinsically motivated by the sense of competition provided by team sport. At Wadhurst, we believe in creating a culture of participation and fairness within which students can build a healthy sense of competition and improve on their own terms.

Seeking personal bests and teamwork

All students play a summer and a winter sport during their time at Wadhurst choosing from a range of options. Students train once per week — morning training sessions in summer and afternoon in winter — and play in inter-school competitions each Saturday.

Available sports include athletics, basketball, cricket, cross country running, football, hockey, rugby, sailing, snowsports, soccer, swimming, table tennis, tennis, volleyball, and water polo.

Across our sports curriculum we encourage students to continue working towards their own personal bests, which naturally develops leadership skills and the capacity for cooperation. We place a high value on our students’ ability to contribute to their team, work with their coaches and take on new challenges in training and on the field.