Outside the classroom

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Offering educational experiences beyond classroom and campus boundaries is part of our vision to provide a holistic education for every student. At Wadhurst, students broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding through interstate and international experiences, visits from subject matter experts, and explorations of their urban environment.

Interstate and international experiences

Community service, interstate trips and overseas tours all serve to develop Wadhurst students’ understanding of the world beyond their classroom doors. These can include sporting and cultural trips overseas, fundraising efforts to support the School’s Values in Action program, our outdoor education camps, and visiting overseas language tutors.

Learning at a city campus

Wadhurst’s location at the edge of Melbourne’s CBD means our students are able to complement classroom studies with off-campus experiences as part of a normal school day. These could include an art excursion to the nearby National Gallery of Victoria, a visit to a neighbouring school for a musical performance, or an excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium.

One of the most popular excursions in Year 7 is the ‘Melbourne Experience’. Travelling and working in groups, students are challenged to venture into the City of Melbourne and create a ‘tour’ for a visitor to Melbourne. Successful completion of the assignment requires forward planning and a certain confidence in moving around in an urban environment, skills which are developed as part of the unit of study.