Living our values

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The Wadhurst curriculum and its community are shaped by common values. We believe in a holistic approach to education that presents students with opportunities to develop their sense of self alongside their academic skills.

Inclusiveness at Wadhurst

We respect and encourage diversity in our students’ talents and skills across disciplines, from mathematics, science, history, languages, sport and outdoor education to art, music, and drama. We also recognise that student development can vary greatly, tailoring academic activities to enable students to remain challenged and engaged at every level.

Alongside our wide-ranging curriculum, we also ensure students have opportunities outside the classroom to engage in cocurricular activities on a regular basis. This gives each student the chance of finding an area of interest that will encourage the development of new skills and friendships.

A focus on excellence

We expect Wadhurst students to give their best to everything they undertake. We aim to create a culture of collaboration, where effort, integrity and success are all recognised and valued.

We promote the development of a supportive environment in which all members of the Wadhurst community work together to achieve their respective goals.

Our Values in Action program

Community is central to Melbourne Grammar School’s values and an important part of the Wadhurst campus culture. We hold an expectation that each of our students will give back to their community in some way.

Wadhurst has built ongoing links with various organisations that support Melbourne communities as part of our Values in Action program. Examples of recent Values in Action initiatives include:

  • fundraising for the Make-a-Wish Foundation.
  • lending support to youth homelessness organisations.
  • clothing and blanket drives to support those in need.