Witherby Tower

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Witherby Tower is one of Melbourne Grammar’s most iconic landmarks. It was built in 1876 in honour of a young man - Hubert Witherby - who was connected to Headmaster, Mr Edward Ellis Morris.

Witherby Tower is named for Hubert Witherby, a former student of Melbourne Grammar’s second Headmaster, Mr Edward Ellis Morris, when Mr Morris taught at St. Peter’s College, Radley in England. 

Ill with consumption, young Witherby was attempting to return to England from New Zealand but only managed to get as far as Melbourne. Here, the family sought help from Mr Morris and Hubert Witherby was cared for at Melbourne Grammar until he died.

The tower was paid for by Hubert Witherby’s father, Arthur Witherby, who was grateful for the support his son had received at Melbourne Grammar.

Witherby Tower