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Language is the basis for human thought, allowing us to access new concepts, perspectives and ways of thinking. It links people together and provides the basis for global progress and peace.

Language, empathy and intellectual development

We believe that to truly understand a language, students must have an understanding of the related culture and history – the context in which each language is spoken. As intercultural awareness increases, this naturally gives rise to empathy.

We know that the earlier language studies begin, the easier it is to acquire a second language. Once a student has acquired a second language, it is normally easier to learn further languages.

French, Japanese, Latin and Mandarin

At Melbourne Grammar School we begin Mandarin studies at Grimwade House – during a key developmental period when children have the highest capacity to hear tonal nuances and retain new vocabulary. Our decision to teach Mandarin at this age is based not only on our proximity to Asia and the number of Mandarin speakers, but also on China’s increasing global prominence.

In Wadhurst, students can choose from Latin, French and Japanese along with the option to continue their Mandarin studies. These languages continue into Senior School, with the possibility of commencing a new language at that stage.