Pastoral care

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Pastoral care is key to our strong sense of community across the Senior School. Our pastoral care structures provide support whenever necessary and build strong relationships between students across all year levels, and tutors.

Support through the House system

Our House system is central to our pastoral care, with students remaining in the same House from Years 9 to 12. The history, culture and family connections expressed through the House system give students a strong sense of identity, companionship and support.

House groups meet each day to manage daily school matters and to allow House Tutors to interact with the students in their care. This is an opportunity for Tutors to identify those students who might have a short or longer-term need for support. Other House activities include service to the community, inter-House competitions in debating, choral singing, sport, and theatre sports, camps and excursions.

In Year 11, students are invited to undertake training in counselling and to join a peer support group that cares specifically for fellow students.

Strong mental health programs

Alongside support through their Houses, tutors and teaching staff, Senior School students also have access to proactive programs on behaviour, stress management, anti-bullying, healthy living and all forms of harm minimisation. We maintain a focus on promoting strong mental health in our young men, including providing strategies for dealing with areas that could become challenging after graduation.

Specialist support

We employ registered psychologists to assist boys with personal and educational challenges, while spiritual guidance is provided by our School Chaplain.

Our Health Centre is staffed by trained medical professionals who are able to deal with day to day health issues.