Living our Values

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In our rapidly changing world, we prepare our Senior School students to think and respond in a constructive and ethical way to new challenges and opportunities. We encourage students to discover their strengths during these senior years, while equipping them with the academic and personal skills they need to navigate the complexities of the wider world. We build a culture of acceptance, inclusiveness and diversity.

Excellence and integrity

The notion of excellence is central to all our endeavours. Our students are always expected to do their best at everything they try. Being young people, we understand they won’t always succeed but we expect there will be integrity in the attempt.

Leadership among senior students

Our vision of leadership is shaped by an emphasis on service and collaboration. Opportunities for senior students to develop this contemporary understanding of leadership range from participating in our extensive outdoor education program, to opportunities across sport and the performing arts, to mentoring younger students as they become part of the campus community. Our aim is to promote an understanding of leadership that values the strengths students have in all areas of life. 

Our Values in Action program

All Senior School students are expected to be involved in some form of service. Through their Houses and individually, each student also has the opportunity to contribute to our Values in Action program.

Activities in this program range from service within the local community to interstate and international placements. Through these experiences, our senior students gain a deeper understanding of their place in the world, along with an appreciation for the ways in which their strengths and values can contribute to their communities.