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Our sport-related curriculum is built on the understanding that physical health supports classroom learning. We aim to build core physical skills while introducing the concepts of collaborative, competition and teamwork in age appropriate ways.

We offer Health and Physical Education classes to all year levels. Older students also participate in inter-House and inter-School competitions.

Across all our sports programs we emphasise fun, participation and cooperation, strengthening our School-wide culture that recognises improvement as well as excellence.

Our Health and Physical Education program

We teach aquatics, ball and gym skills across all year levels, focusing on enjoyment as well as skill acquisition and personal improvement. Once students have developed fundamental motor skills in junior primary they begin to take part in more complex, team-based games and activities.

Our classroom-based health program complements these physical skills, gradually introducing key concepts around food and nutrition, mental health and well-being, relationships and safety in social settings.

Inter-House and Inter-School sport

Our Year 3 to 6 students participate in House competitions including swimming, athletics and cross country.

In Years 5 and 6, students also have weekly training sessions and compete with other schools in cricket, tennis, softball, football, netball, volleyball, basketball, hockey, soccer, sailing and water polo. Students are also offered masterclasses in some disciplines.

Facilities to meet each developmental stage

Purpose-built facilities that meet the abilities of each age-group are an important aspect of our Health and Physical Education program. We have considered children’s needs in each area, from the size of our outdoor sporting facilities and gymnasium, to our swimming pool, which is specifically designed to be shallow enough for the shortest Prep student but deep enough to allow for the arm span of our tallest Year 6.  

Grimwade House students also access the extensive sporting facilities available at Edwin Flack Park.