Our culture

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Our Senior School is an environment in which students crystallise their sense of self, gaining a mature understanding of their strengths and their place in the world. As learning begins to focus on longer-term outcomes, the academic culture at Melbourne Grammar School supports this by promoting academic excellence along with self-knowledge and emotional intelligence. 

The value of relationships

We place a strong emphasis on nurturing strong professional relationships between teachers and students across the Senior School. We understand the essential role these relationships play in developing knowledgeable, creative, thoughtful and morally responsible young men who can engage with and contribute to their communities.

An emphasis on collaboration

 Despite the added pressure on students to excel as they progress through their final years of schooling, we continue to encourage collaboration over competition. Students routinely celebrate and encourage each other’s achievements and their dedication to reaching their goals. This further contributes to students’ confidence and willingness to take on new challenges.

Developing confidence and self-reliance

Across the Senior School, we seek to create autonomous, self-motivated learners. Through expert guidance from teachers, a multifaceted pastoral care program and access to first-class resources, our young men develop a positive sense of self and the skills required to pursue knowledge on their own terms.