Academic enrichment and support

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Our diverse academic enrichment and support programs complement the extensive range of learning opportunities offered at Grimwade House. We examine the learning needs and strengths of each Grimwade student to identify those those with a passion that could be explored in depth, those who require new challenges to extend their classroom learning, and those who may benefit from additional support.

Enrichment and extension across the campus

Inside the classroom, our staff have the expertise and resources necessary to modify the content of our lessons to address the needs of their students. Teachers provide new challenges through new activities or by modifying the physical and emotional context of a particular lesson.

Invitational extension activities outside the classroom provide further challenges for motivated and able students. These can include national Mathematics and English competitions, our community problem solving program, and inter-school debating.

We also offer enrichment opportunities for engaged, passionate students to build skills and explore interests in depth through lunchtime clubs and interest groups.

Responding to student needs

Our specialist staff work closely with classroom teachers to identify students who may be facing difficulties accessing areas of our curriculum. Through strategies such as individual learning plans, carefully designed interventions, adjustments to facilitate learning and support groups, these staff members address areas of need and find student strengths while fostering a true love of learning.

A range of additional experts are available to provide further support where necessary. These include occupational therapists and speech pathologists